How the Steps Work

Raise Up Values

What is important to your community?  Maybe concepts like these- maybe others.

 Large Families – Local Festivals – Hunting & Fishing – Logging – Energy Production – Farming – Economic Diversity

 We’ll spend a day talking about what matters to your community as a group.  Raising up your community values lets AR put together the right information for your Future Forecast

Future Forecast

AR will do the research to learn how systems like those below are predicted to change leading up to 2100:

Rain and Snow – Temperature -Economically Important Species – Local Industries – Changes in Coasts and Tides

AR will put together a custom forecast facing your community.  You won’t just get a bunch of raw data.  We do the analysis for you.  We will help you understand how what you value could be impacted by multiple systems.   

Response Plan

Once you understand the predictions for the future, we’ll look at what and how to change in response.  AR will listen to you to provide a doable plan for community-based change: a plan that’s not too big and not too small for the people and the resources available.  The plan could include elements like

New crops or game species to introduce – Methods to build soil resilience – Businesses to encourage – Ways to handle water changes

AR will come visit in a year to see what your community has done with the plan and hear your community’s stories.  You can call us any time to talk through challenges and get advice, including any information on changing future forecasts as new data comes in.