What AR Can Do for You

American Resiliency works for your community.  Your values are at the heart of our mission.  That’s why our process begins by hearing from you.

First:  Build a Stakeholder Team

Stakeholder Team Includes:

-An elected community leader. 

-Someone who has lived in the community more than 50 years. 

-A person who helps drive the local economy. 

-A young person, under the age of 21. 

-A religious leader. 

Up to three other people from the following groups:  Caretaker- Three+ generation resident- Farmer – Teacher – Small business owner – Recent arrival – Outdoor enthusiast

What the Team Does

The team needs to be able to get together for three full days over the course of one month.  That’s all- no additional time off work, hunting for babysitters, or moving around appointments.  Each day has a separate purpose.

            Day 1: Raise up Values

            Day 2: Future Forecast

            Day 3: Response Plan

Click HERE to learn more about how the steps work

After the third day, your community will receive a final plan, based on the instructions of the Stakeholder Team.  AR will right-size the plan for your community.  You will come out of the AR process with a roadmap to move your community forward towards a strong, healthy 2100.

AR will be there to support you.  During the first year and after, you will have phone support from AR.  We will talk through challenges you face and give you data updates. 

In one year, AR will visit you to document and share your community’s resilience story. 

You can have additional face-to-face stakeholder meetings with AR for an additional cost.